Catching Up

>> Wednesday, February 27, 2008


What a month it has been. The harder I try to keep this blog up to date the harder it seems I can't keep up. Well let me bring you up to date at what has been happening in our part of the globe.

A complete month of being sick, starting with a cold, then on to a virus and ending up bronchitis really took me out of commission for a complete four weeks. After just getting back up and going there was a tragic death in one of the families in the church I pastor. We spent the time with the family and then performing the funeral. God helped and we are thanking God for his divine guidance as we dealt with the different family members. We also have another child in our church who has been dealing with difficult issues. We are trying to help this household out all we can. It is so enjoyable to be involved in people lives and see God work and grant victory.

We have been homeschooling our children this semester so that has added to our craziness in the home. We are enjoying the incredible time God is giving us as we are able to spend more time with both our children. If your planning on being at Bus Convention, Hobe Sound Welcome Week, or IHC we will see you there. May God bless you.

From the hills of WV,

Rev. James Powell


Huckabee Wins West Virginia!!!!!

>> Tuesday, February 5, 2008



Money and Media

This is Super Tueday as all the political junkies call it. Please allow me to rant and get some frustration off my chest.
I am really wondering what the American people are thinking of the biased media coverage of this political season. It seems that the media are the ones who select who they want, then they report only what they think seems to be needed to pass on. Then the one that has the money to run the ads and smear their face all over the place is the one that gets the coverage. How about limiting the amount of money each candidate can spend and then see who is the best at managing their campain and getting their message across.

The last political debate in California for both Democrat and Republican was a sham and a waste of money. For the Republicans, it was the Romney & McCain show, the moderators really played to them...but remember, the media isn't supposed to be biased "According to their words" then the Democrat debate was a major kissup between Obama and Clinton. I thought these debates were for the voter, so they can see what issues each candidate stands for and how they react to each question. I would suggest for future reference, have the same moderator, the same questions and give each candidate the same amount of time. Then we would see what party and candidate is closest to how we as voters agree with.

Still glad to live in the land of the FREE

J. Powell