Father’s Day

>> Sunday, June 19, 2011

Looking at Facebook and seeing everyone wishing their husband’s, and father’s a happy Father’s Day makes me think on the special day this is.  This is the first Father’s day in several years I am a normal church attendee, while in the pastorate I was always focused on the sermon and making it a special day for the father’s in the congregation.  Also, there is the aspect that both of my kids are on TLC mission trips, so I won’t be spending Father’s Day with them this year.  Do I miss them? Yes, but so glad they are working for God and am praying for God to use them and speak to them during their time.  I come to realize, as a Father we should live what we preach, teach and also act, so our children will really believe what we say.  No, I am not the perfect father, and I see many mistakes I have made and probably more to come in the future.

Here are a couple things I would like us father’s to consider.

  1. As a father, are you a living example for your children?
  2. Are you making God led decisions for your family that will have an eternal value for them?

I realize each of us make mistakes, and can look back and say, “I would have done it different.”  God can take our intentions and make them into a blessing although we mess up.

Lu 14:28 For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it?

Adam Clark brings out, this is speaking of those who are going to follow Christ need to count the cost and it is the power of God which enables you to finish.  I parallel that with raising a family.  Count the cost Dad.  The decisions you are making…have you counted the cost of where it will lead?  In our movement we are seeing the conservative pendulum back and forth as to the dress, our thinking, our beliefs…have you counted the cost?  Can we get back to having the desire to be spirit led and not peer led?

I will finish up by saying, my desire it to see God’s will for my family and my personal life completed.  There will be times others will look on and comment, they will add their opinions of agreement or disapproval.  In the end…What does God want?  Let me end with a reminder, There is something to be said of the Holiness Movement.  There is a reason why men look like men and women look like women.  Dad, What decisions are you making for your family in light of heaven?