Youth Camp

>> Saturday, July 14, 2007

We made it back from picking Stephanie Payne and our son Joshua up from CCYC youth camp. I heard great reports of what is happening there. It sounds like it was a very successful youth camp. It is amazing to hear the different perspectives of different youth. Our son never seems to express himself much. He says, it was ok, or it was good, when he is asked, but give him a little time and the energizer bunny starts running. We are still looking where to take the batteries out. It is wonderful to hear him talk of different youth he has met.
We are now prepairing for our Heartland Youth Camp. My wife and I will be team leaders and it is going to be exciting. It is an honor to serve God and impacting the lives of our youth. I trust God will give each of you a blessed day.

Serving Christ in Fairmont WV

James Powell


A long time since last post

>> Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I admit, I need to do better at keeping this blog updated. We got back late last night from dropping our son Joshua and another teen from our church off at CCYC youth camp in Thomasville NC. After meeting several friends and catching up real quick Pam and I made the 5+ hr drive back here to Fairmont. I count this a very small sacrifice to get my children to places where there are youth that I want them to build relationships with. We trust everyone has a great day.

Enjoyably Serving God here in Fairmont