Father’s Day

>> Sunday, June 19, 2011

Looking at Facebook and seeing everyone wishing their husband’s, and father’s a happy Father’s Day makes me think on the special day this is.  This is the first Father’s day in several years I am a normal church attendee, while in the pastorate I was always focused on the sermon and making it a special day for the father’s in the congregation.  Also, there is the aspect that both of my kids are on TLC mission trips, so I won’t be spending Father’s Day with them this year.  Do I miss them? Yes, but so glad they are working for God and am praying for God to use them and speak to them during their time.  I come to realize, as a Father we should live what we preach, teach and also act, so our children will really believe what we say.  No, I am not the perfect father, and I see many mistakes I have made and probably more to come in the future.

Here are a couple things I would like us father’s to consider.

  1. As a father, are you a living example for your children?
  2. Are you making God led decisions for your family that will have an eternal value for them?

I realize each of us make mistakes, and can look back and say, “I would have done it different.”  God can take our intentions and make them into a blessing although we mess up.

Lu 14:28 For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it?

Adam Clark brings out, this is speaking of those who are going to follow Christ need to count the cost and it is the power of God which enables you to finish.  I parallel that with raising a family.  Count the cost Dad.  The decisions you are making…have you counted the cost of where it will lead?  In our movement we are seeing the conservative pendulum back and forth as to the dress, our thinking, our beliefs…have you counted the cost?  Can we get back to having the desire to be spirit led and not peer led?

I will finish up by saying, my desire it to see God’s will for my family and my personal life completed.  There will be times others will look on and comment, they will add their opinions of agreement or disapproval.  In the end…What does God want?  Let me end with a reminder, There is something to be said of the Holiness Movement.  There is a reason why men look like men and women look like women.  Dad, What decisions are you making for your family in light of heaven?


God’s Leadership

>> Saturday, May 21, 2011


As many of you know we are now in Hobe Sound Fl.  We are still adjusting to our move and are excited about how God has led thus far.  I realize there are many varying opinions from each person I talked to through this entire ordeal, all the while keeping my heart open to God’s leading.  At the moment the resignation was final of us pastoring in Fairmont WV, we had no clue as to the path God would lead.  While talking with several churches, trying out at one, and putting feelers out to see which way God wanted us to go, we saw how God allowed things to fall into place, and at the right time.

Yes, there are probably many who have something to say about stepping out of the pastorate for a while.  But I am going to jump into this arena of thought.  All through this, as a family we have been praying for God’s leadership.  I have seen many missionaries come off the field for their kids.  I have seen different ones who change their path to minister to their family.  Ok, here goes; why is it that if a pastor steps out of pastoring to minister to their kids, it seems they are doing something horrible?  Well, I am going to just give my opinion…I know they haven’t made it to heaven yet, but I know I am going to do everything within my power to get them in the environment for them to turn an ear toward God.  There are those who say, “well God can be wherever you are.”  Yes, I wholeheartedly agree, but as a parent we all sense when a move is needed.  What secular job wouldn’t you quit if you felt it would help your family?  Why is it any different being in the ministry?  God definitely called us to where we were, and He definitely released the burden too.  I have seen family after family go wayward because of ministering to everyone else's family. 

As a family we covet your prayers and I know God will lead as long as we keep allowing Him access to our will.  I have found, that no matter what you do, or where you go, God is there and His spirit will lead if we allow it.  In closing, I am reminiscent of the years I spent in the factory, in owning a business, and in sales, and then seeing how all of those experiences add up to making who I am today.  With being in my mid forties and seeing the changes in our holiness movement, it convicts me more each day to stay the course. 

I am continuing to develop our website www.powellministries.com and will continue interviewing different ones across the holiness movement.  If you have a ministry or organization you would like to tell about, just contact us @ powellministries@gmail.com and we will set up a time to record the interview.  This is totally free, and all my time is just given to the carrying on the holiness message.  If anyone would like to sponsor us it would be helpful, but not necessary.

Have a blessed day and we trust everyone will have a good Lord’s Day.

James Powell


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>> Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pr 25:28 He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls.

This scripture could be used for so much.  I just got back from taking our youth snow tubing.  You may ask what snow tubing has to do with the above scripture.  It is a simple illustration, but the tubing park has lanes and each of the lanes has barriers so that the one beside you cannot come over.

I simply look at this as an illustration of this verse.  If we don’t have any control over ourselves then we can cause trouble or a disaster.  Can you imagine what it would be if everyone was able to sled down the hill at once with no barriers between?  There would be major wrecks and probably injuries.

Matthew Henry says, “He lies exposed to all the temptations of Satan and becomes an easy prey to that enemy.”  Wow, not much more needs said.  God help us to stay in our own lane spiritually and not destroy any of God’s work and potential in our lives as well as others.

God Bless,

Have a blessed day

Rev. James Powell