New Life in the Air

>> Friday, April 11, 2008

Spring brings to us, who live in the "Chilly North" a sense of new life and some firsts for the new year. Just this week the yard was mowed for the first time, we have our windows open for the first time and feeling the nice breeze and hearing the wonderful sounds of spring. It is great seeing the buds on the trees, and the grass turning from brown to green.

All this brings to mind when you find a new truth in your devotions or something in your walk with Christ come afresh and anew. I know I need to be careful and not be giving a sermon on this blog, but it is so great to see new life. While we all have our ups and downs in our spirtitual walk, I want to say; it is great to feel as there is new life in my spirtitual walk.

Not only in my life, but in our church, in our ministries. God is doing great things, no all of them are not visible, but it seems to be felt underneath all. God is going to do something big and I am just thrilled to be part of God's plan. Keep looking up.....God is in control. If you don't know Christ, get with someone and hear about the "New Life" only He can give. If you don't have anyone you know, feel free to email me @

From the Hills of WV,

J. Powell