Enjoying God's Goodness

>> Friday, January 19, 2007


I am praising God for His great goodness to my family. God has answered a big prayer for us and I just want to praise His name. We truly serve a God who cares about our every need. I know as a pastor is seems that everything can build up and there isn't to many places to unload at. Just when it seems your at the end of your rope, God comes in and takes care of your need. I know He already knows what we need before we ask, and I should have learned this long ago.

For any of you who are discouraged today...Hold on, Hold on, Hold on...God will see you through. Ps 139 speaks of no matter where we go...on the wings of the morning, to the uttermost parts of the sea. God is there...and even in the womb He knew about us. That blows the abortion fight out of the water...we were formed and we are a living being from conception.

Enough of my ramblings...God bless you today


Looking to the New Year

>> Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The beginning of a New Year always seems to promise new and great things. I am one, who looks positive at almost everything, but the longer I live, I realize it is how I react to situations is what most effects the results of each one.

I am looking forward to what God has in store for my church, my family, and ultimately for me as I serve him to the best of my ability. The illustration of the coffee cup; it is not the cup that makes your coffee good, it is what is in the cup. I know God can use anyone no matter what we look like, God is a great God and can use us all.

Let us all let God use us as he sees fit and let him fill us with whatever he sees that is best.
God Bless You Today,

Pastor J. Powell